Bringing Community Focused Craft Beer to Calgary
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Now let’s take a look at how this applies to Alberta craft beer. Alberta is a part of the prairies and we happen to grow some of the best grains in the world. As Soc (who along with Brett & Alex own Bearhill Brewing Co.) put it, “we are sitting in a sea of malt”.

Yet there are not too may Alberta microbreweries out there taking advantage of this. When you compare our brewing scene to provinces like BC, Quebec and Ontario we are only beginning to scratch the surface. Hence it is “untouched” just as Western Canada was the last best frontier available to adventurous settlers.

See, I told you it was clever.

A Little About Bearhill Brewing Company

Identifying with the local history, culture and community is something that Bearhill does. Their slogan is actually “Creating Community-Focused Beer Culture”. Let me briefly touch on how they do this.

Beer Belongs to the Community: In Jasper , where it all began, the IPA is much different now from when it was originally released. This is because the local tastes have evolved. Years ago they were not ready for a really hoppy beer, but now different hop varieties are being used and Rockhopper IPA is much more hop forward.

The community had a say in how the beer turned out by voicing their collective opinion. Â This type of community involvement exists at all of their locations and the Calgary beer drinkers will have their say here.

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